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Vision statement

Vision statement Outdoor Advertising is one of the major tools Companies use to direct persuasive communications to target buyers and public. It is a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether it is to build brand presence for major companies or for promotional activities conducted by Companies. We at BK Arts are to develop the brand awareness of our client's product by the way of outdoor advertising. Our vision is to bring more advanced technology in the field of outdoor projection for our prospective clients. We make an impact with dominant visibility, larger-than-life images and strong branding that stands out from the environment.


To provide clients with best wall painting and other innovative outdoor media option and services for optimum GRP (Gross Rating points) and Mileage in territories covered


Delivering Value While Maintaining Our Principles. As a BK Arts since 1991, we're committed to delivering consistent and significant returns to our Clients. That said we also seek to preserve the same family values upon which our business was built in 1991

Our Vision