About The BK Arts.

Connected to the peopel via outdoor advertising.

welcome to BK Arts

It's my pleasure to introduce you to BK ARTS Connected to the people via outdoor advertising.

Established in 1997 with over 30 years experience, BK ARTS already provides a professional outdoor Wall/Shop /Digital Wall painting advertising service to many commercial clients in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, U.P, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

We have done Millions Sqft Wall/Shop /Shutter painting in India.

It Enable you to:
  • The Cheapest and Most Effective methods of Advertising in India.
  • 24*7 Brand Promotion and Stable Ad
  • More than 50 clients and around 300 fully trained and professional painters.
  • Walls Selection: At Entrance and Exit, Railway Station, Bus stand, Main market, Schools, Hospital, in towns, Highways etc.
  • Digital Wall Painting.
  • Daily reporting and power point presentation.
  • A quality service at competitive rates.


Bashir khan

CEO and Funder

Thirty year ago the instinct inspired Bashir Khan to establish BK Arts to satiate the artist in him. Work started and as all of us knows there is no limit and bound for art the man delivered the art of ages to a new extent. People came forward to learn and grow together and a team come up with the purpose of serving their art to community.

Time passes soon and people of India supported the artist and art. Overwhelming response given a sharp growth and now BK Arts is a renowned name in Outdoor Advertising all over the India. People who love art are the clients giving good response for our Good Service and so many variety in Advertising Industry

Saddam khan

Managing Director

Mr. Saddam Khan was born in an Bashir Khan family and has come up in life by hard work, dedication and total commitment. During 2007 to Till, he is the Managing Director of the BK Arts.

At a very young age, he was instrumental in establishing medium scale industries of Advertising. His dynamic and intelligent leadership leads to phenomenal growth of BK Arts. Altruism and industrious attitudes are his strengths and they are the key factors for success of BK Arta. As an industrialist, Mr. Saddam realized that there is no symbiosis between the Labour of Advertising and companies of the industry. .